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SAKAili 9 Bldg., 3-3-7 Ginza, Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan

TEL +81(0)3 3567 5555

FAX +81(0)3 3567 5556

BANGKOK office

Level 17 Alma Link, No.25 Chidlom, Ploenchit, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand


Hitoshi Sakairi

Capital stock

JPY 333,005,555



Bhutan SAKAili


Designing a national project strategy of Bhutan

Building construction & Real estate

Hitachi House Co.,Ltd.


Residential developer

Hitachi Trust Group H.Q. Co.,Ltd.


Property investment business

Food manufacturing

Hitachi Foods Co.,Ltd.


Health foods manufacturing

Business administration of group companies

SAKAili Thailand


Business administration of group companies



(Japanese Alphabetical order)

Yoshihiro Kikuta

Legal consultant



Keiichi Kokue

K&M Association Representative executive

Club Med K.K. Former president

Toshio Sakai

Conduttore Co., Ltd. Director

Bally Japan Ltd. Former CEO & President

Gucci Group Japan Limited Yves Saint Laurent Division,Former CEO

Hitoshi Sakairi

SAKAili Representative

BHUTAN SAKAili Corepresentative



Yuichiro Honda

BHUTAN SAKAili Advisor

World Tourism Organization Regional Support Office for Asia and the Pacific Former Representative


The utmost priority is to put in practice these five values.

Our mission is a durability of property values and a protection of societal resources.

One of the characteristics of the organization is its easy handover policies.

Keeping abreast of changes in the market,

we continue to give our customers constant surprises by our excellence.

These five values support the dignity of SAKAili and the point of origin for its continual progress.


The philosophy of SAKAili represents the phrase by 王建成 an artist from Taiwan.

"THE SKY IN THE WATER", which comes from "低頭便見水中天",means "If you keep your head low, you can see the sky and the ground."

In other words, it means “If you were not humble, you would obtain nothing.”

Having rice plants and planting rice in spring and fall.

When I look down, I see the sky reflected in the water.

My heart is cool and here is the world I belong to.

I go backwards, but in fact I go forwards.

 * Spring and fall is a time of planting rice.

  * When I look down, I can see the world (the sky and the ground)

  * As my feet under the water, I feel cool.

    "I can take a long view of the world and look the world I belong to."

  * Plant rice, and go backwards. 

    "It looks like going backwards, but in fact it goes forwards."

You can achieve success when you are humble.

In other words, you should be humble when you become successful.

The philosophy of SAKAili is based on a message for its group.


The End of Haze

"There is nothing new except what is forgotten."

Marie-Jeanne Rose Bertin <1747-1813> 

When the sun becomes red, when the stars become gold, we understand that the earth is a part of this.

The Earth and Sky. The Sea and Dusk.

I remember when I was a little boy that I looked up at the sky many times. 


27 years ago when I visited Thailand, I asked to the woman who showed me around the city.

"What is happiness?"

She answered clearly that happiness being able to smile all the time.

In the East, returning to eternity is the basis of thought.

Her words have given an impact across the ages.

People told me many times how precious each day is, however, I've never heard direct and strong words as she said. 

The sunshine and ephemeral beauty. 


"Commerce" sometimes realizes this ideal.


All products have a theme, the transformation of resources.

The thing asked is the technology of use of various resources.

Whether people use resources, or people are used by resources,

is the question of philosophy, religion, science, or physics;

but, the purpose of commerce is naturally a desire. 


The earth is various.

The organic architecture of Monsanto(Portugal), the depth of the blue of Mediterranean Sea, the flowers of Provence (France),

microorganisms in magma, bacterium in minerals, mangrove houses in Nain Island (Indonesia),

stilt houses in Inle Lake (Myanmar), and water houses in Lake Tonle Sap(Cambodia).

Everything is inside everything.


In 2013, stirring user's sensibility, SAKAili provides you with abundance of the end of haze. 

at the hill of Chanthaburi, January 2013.

Hitoshi Sakairi
Hitoshi Sakairi


Country: Bhutan


Druk Holding and Investments

Advisory service for the largest national company in Bhutan, Druk Holding & Investments, and consulting service for state enterprises in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Country: Vietnam

ECI Saigon

Civil engineering and building construction, real estate consulting.


The SAKAili Scholarship

Ms. Zhivania Fhriste Arinditya is studying in Sekolah Quantum Indonesia on The SAKAili Scholarship.